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Create a Reading Adventure in Science and Math

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Reading to explore science topics, combined with firsthand investigation and discussions, can help students acquire reading strategies even better than direct instruction in those strategies can.

Taken from Minnesota STEM Teacher Center

Developing Reading Programs With Science and Math Connections

At EdInnovations, we believe that science and engineering education needs to develop students’ ability to read and produce complex text. This is because every science or engineering lesson is, in part, a language lesson.

When they read scientific and technical texts, students gain knowledge from the challenging texts that often make extensive use of diagrams and data to convey information and illustrate concepts.

With Reading Standard 10, students are asked to read complex informational texts in science and engineering with independence and confidence. As educators, we must study how complex texts are written so we can anticipate misconceptions during student discussions, modeling think-alouds, and scientific inquiry. It is essential that we gauge the threshold of difficulty so that learning does not stop.

This is where EdInnovations comes in. We help instructional leaders create innovative reading programs using science and math connections. Allow us to assist you in building your own reading program that motivates student curiosity for increasing reading, math, and science scores. Contact us for a free quote or estimate.

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